What I’m doing now

Midwinter. We’ve loved the snow. We’ve been invigorated by icy wind and lashing rain. There’s a sense of warmth returning although I know there will be more cold temperatures before the sun is high again.

The birds are busy in our nature haven. There’s been a marked change in their behaviour as they start to look (and fight) for love. The jays have become brave and now we see six at a time — an amazing sight.

I’m in a creative space. Rising at 5am to write by candlelight. That quiet time is key for me. I would recommend it for anyone.

Lots of other work going on involving data protection rights. Honeychurch Tech is where that’s happening.

I am still gearing up for a reboot of the city project too.

May these days be blessed for us all.

Inspired by the /now page movement by Derek Sivers.